With SOLIS Shop you can build your own online-store, easy to manage, based on a sales management system developed especially for import and distribution companies.

After 7 years of active expertise in sales force automation and dozens of  Solis CRM + SFA implementations, we understand the meaning of efficiency.

Therefore we developed SOLIS Shop, an online-order managament tool, also oriented to equipment import and distribution activity. Along with SOLIS, Solis Shop offers a great online visibility, through your online-store but also a specialised back-office solution on the same premises.

Solis Shop allows you to automate whole sales processes and to save both time and resources:

  • Offers
    The online product catalog integrated with the client database is the most efficient way of presenting your product portfolio. When regular clients do not request detailed technical or price offer documents, but they need specific information regarding prices and stocks, Solis Shop does it all.  Presenting each client logged in with products and pricing policy according to his staus, the system automates the pricing requests responses.
  • Order integration
    Clients’ online orders are instantly recorded, already filled with products, quantities, invoice and delivery information. One click away, you can either make the first delivery or order the products from your supplier.
  • Data aquisition
    All identification and contact data are filled in and updated by the client. All you need to do is activate hid account and set the client’s status. From this moment, the client’s information will be updated by him personally, for each new order.

SOLIS Shop functionalities:

  • A single product catalog – you manage a unique product portfolio for both the online-store and backoffice activity. You can use different product  description or images for your online catalog, but most importantly, you have a unique classification, updated which allows clients to gather information about products before making the purchase or contact your company.
  • User accounts – Your clients can register as online-store users all by themselves. Their information is saved into the database, and each of yout clients will have a personal account to keep track of orders, deliveries, locations, persons, etc. Each account must be first confirmed and activated by an internal backoffice user, after making sure the client has its right place and access rights.
  • Access rights – You can organise your clients on various criteria, in multiple categories with different access rights. Distributors, end-users or other types of partners will have access to information according to their status: price lists, product categories, stocks, etc.
  • Online orders – With Solis-Shop clients cand make online orders that are automatically registered into the database and can be processed using the other Solis modules. All data in online orders are updated to the client’s profile. Solis has an order management module which allows detailed tracking of each order, related to supply orders, stocks and deliveries.
  • Alerts – Solis-Shop can be set to send notice messages in certain situations. For example, if  a client’s shopping cart reaches a certain value, the system can send an alert message with direct access to the client’s page, even if the order has not beed submitted yet.
  • Complete history – as a result of using Solis-Shop, you will finally have a complete client database, with all clients or potential clients and their history.
  • Integrated system – SOLIS-Shop can be integrated and works accordingly to each other Solis module, for a better information control: CRM, Offers, Orders, Contracts, Deliveries, Service, Suppliers, Reports.

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