Manages the client offers, generates personalized offers by automatically importing data from the database and keeps offers history. You’ll be able to convert leads to orders, orders to contracts, contract to shipments, and shipments to revenue in short order.

This module responds to all your price management needs in order to turn account of your company’s most valuable resource: Clients.

With SOLIS – Offers your sales team can now easily generate personalized price offers for any particular customer and still have a general view over the whole process by keeping track of all sent offers an consult the historical database whenever it is necessary.

Am offer in very simply configured, whether you decide to import the required information from the unique database, or use some older documents or templates and just modify them according to your actual needs.

SOLIS – Offers will help you quickly find the balance between your customer’s demands and your company’s needs, by:

  • Automatically generating personalized offers, in standard format.
  • managing products prices, on the basis of commercial adition or discount
  • Exactly calculating sales agents revenue for every offer.
  • Defining offer  templates and patterns.
  • Defining currently used groups of products, and simplifying the price offering process.
  • Exporting information in pdf or Microsoft excel format.
  • Mailing your offers to customers.
  • Finding every offer in no-time and using it for generating another document (order, contract, reservation, etc).
  • Consulting one client’s whole offers history

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