SOLIS generates and manages an online product catalogue, so that during every step of the sales process the sales team will use accurate information.

  • SOLISProducts automatically calculates recommended prices, daily, according to your defining parameters and also displays detailed stock situation, on every product or class of products.
  • Help your sales team have better results by offering them all the necessary functionalities:
  • A complex search mechanism for products, based on various serching details.
  • Product editing, with their basis price and parameters values for automatically generate recommended selling prices.
  • Pricing functions allows price parameters editing (including discounts, supplier costs, transport costs) and sales prices calculation. You can adjust prices for special delivery fees, special customer or contractor pricing, product category or item, to keep customers satisfied and meet competitive discounts.
  • Detailed stocks situation, on particulars products, including:
    • Available quantity
    • New clients Orders
    • reservations
    • proceedings
    • current product stock, on warehouses and batches
    • global stock
  • Web-based product catalogue

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